Happy Anniversary to Us! The Second Anniversary of Our Life on the Road

It was two years ago today that we drove away from our home and started our journey as full time RVers.  Wow! Two years already? Where does the time go? Over the past few weeks, Bruce and I have done a lot of reflecting, both on our own and with our family and friends. The questions they asked us are similar to many of the questions that we get from our fellow RVers when they learn about our lifestyle. Since the same questions often come up, I thought I would take some time to share our answers with you.

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Westward Ho!

KARE Project update – Westward Ho Chapter


Well, Spring has finally sprung and we finally left Florida . . . Westward Ho!  Our last week in Florida was very wet and it rained heavy three or four of those last days there . . . we were in Panama City Beach.  One of those last days it rained over 8 1/2 inches.  That was the day we discovered we had a leak in the roof.  I found water running down the wall in the bathroom . . . more like streaming down the wall.  We called Winnebago and they told us that the leak and any damage would be covered under our warranty . . . good thing but we needed to stop the leak now.  So not having any control of whether it rained or not we left.  It rained the day we left and it took us 1/2 the day to get out of the rain but finally blue skies south of Montgomery, AL. We stayed just outside Montgomery for an overnight and then headed west from there the next morning with bright blue sunny skies. Continue reading “Westward Ho!”

How to Tell if You Might be a Full Time RVer…

When we started out on our journey, we thought that it would be like all of our other trips, just better because it wouldn’t ever end.  As time went on though, we discovered that there are a few differences between taking a camping trip and full time RVing.  So we decided to take a moment and point out how you can tell if you are a full time RVer in true “Jeff Foxworthy” style… Continue reading “How to Tell if You Might be a Full Time RVer…”

Waiting for Spring to come . . . .

Hope Everyone had a Happy Easter!!!!

Well, it’s been a few months since the last KARE Project update (KremerAmericanRvExploration Project).  I have always done my KARE updates through emails but since Lisa has been slacking in putting out a blog I decided to make my KARE updates into our blogs. Last we reported in February we were in Inverness, FL where we stayed for a couple of weeks before we moved a bit further south and east to Kissimmee, FL.  We met a very nice couple there . . . Torben and Nancy.  They were staying there while the house they just bought in Inverness was ready to close.  They have now since moved into their new house and we heard from them that they are enjoying it very much.  In Kissimmee we stayed for 6 weeks at a great park called Tropical Palms Resort.  We had stayed at this park last fall and enjoyed it a lot so we decided to stay again while we waited for Spring to come to the rest of the country.  Here was our “Homey” at Tropical Palms.

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But all I wanted was a new rug…

HomeyIt was a cold and dreary day in central FL, a bit too damp for outdoor activities.  We decided to go shopping for a new outdoor rug for under our awning, pick up a few groceries and kill some time until the drizzle moved on and the Florida sunshine returned.  Little did we know that day, that there was more ‘afoot’ than a new rug, and that our quest for flooring would turn into a two week adventure, ending with the purchase of a new home for these two rambling RVers…

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The Cost of Living on the Road

The Cost of Full Time RVing

Before we embarked on our journey, one of the uncertainties for Bruce and I was the cost of living on the road.  When we lived in a sticks and bricks house, we were a two income family of two (plus fur-babies) with a mortgage, two vehicles, monthly payments on an RV and all of the associated bills that come with maintaining a household.  We are now a one income family of two (plus fur-babies) with no mortgage, one vehicle and no monthly RV payments.   But what about the rest??? Continue reading “The Cost of Living on the Road”

Keeping Busy Doing Nothing

Keeping Busy Doing NothingOne of the biggest adjustments for us as new full time RVers has been figuring out what to do with our free time.  As a home owner, it is amazing how much of your day is eaten up by maintaining a household.  When you no longer have to mow the lawn and cleaning ‘the house’ takes 15 minutes, you find yourself with a lot more free time on your hands.  The good news is that it gives me more time to write.  The bad news is that right now there isn’t much to write about, so this will be a post about doing nothing… and it turns out that sometimes doing nothing can lead to a pretty full day too! Continue reading “Keeping Busy Doing Nothing”

Pausing in Pender

Sunset over MN
Fall is in the air and wanderlust has started to settle in.  After three weeks of camping locally, Bruce has officially retired and we are ready for our journey to begin.  We have traded the hustle and bustle of the city for the rolling hills of the Midwest.  Our first destination… Pender, Nebraska. Continue reading “Pausing in Pender”

Full Time RVing – Our First Impressions

Well…  we’ve been living in our RV for a little more than a week.  Not long by ‘intergalactic standards’, but momentous for us, just the same.  Looking back, it seems that we spent the week prior to our departure recording our ‘lasts’: our last weekend in our house, our last meal in our house, our last get-together with family, friends and neighbors at our house…  We have spent the time since then recording our ‘firsts’: We spent our first night in the RV knowing that we would have to get up and get ready for our first day of work as full time RVers, we had our first visitors, and we spent our first day knowing that we did not have a sticks and bricks home to return to… Continue reading “Full Time RVing – Our First Impressions”