Campfire Fun

If your family is like ours, it just isn’t camping without a good rip-roarin’ fire.  Here are some things that you can do while enjoying the warmth of a fire on a summer evening. 


Anyone who camps will tell you that everything tastes better when it is cooked over a fire.  Roasting hot dogs on a stick is a fun way to get everyone involved with making dinner and foil-pack recipes are a great way to let dinner cook itself with a minimum of prep time.  And of course, when it comes time for dessert nothing beats roasted marshmallows and smores!

Campfire Stories
Whether spooky or silly, campfire stories are a great way to spend time around the fire. For a twist, try starting a story and let everyone add a little bit. You may be surprised where the story ends.

Even if you’re not a Justin Bieber, you can still have fun singing around the campfire.  Try an old standard or let the younguns teach you what is new in the world of music.

Children’s games
Games like “Telephone”, “Biz-Buzz” or “Frog” are great campfire games.  See how many times you can make it around the campfire before you have to start over!


This recipe is a favorite of a group of crazy campers with a sweet spot for Disney’s Fort Wilderness Campground.  This drink is a great one to beat the heat and, like all drinks when camping, is best when served in a red plastic cup. 😉 Continue reading “Kungaloosh”

Chatty Belle the Talking Cow

 On the lookout for interesting things while on your way to your favorite campground? How about stopping to see the world’s largest talking cow??  If you are travelling on I94 in Wisconsin just southwest of Eau Claire and have a bit of time for a detour, you can find Chatty Belle the Talking Cow at 1201 Division St. in Neillsville, WI.  It looks like a mooooooving experience! 

Find Chatty Belle and other roadside attractions at

Not sure how to get there?  Here’s a map: How to get there

Bacon Burger Dog

Tired of the same old hot dogs and hamburgers on your camping trips?  Maybe you just can’t decide which to have?  Try this twist on an oldie but a goody!   Part burger, part hot dog and totally delicious!  There is a bit of prep work involved, but it is more than worth it once you sink your teeth into one of these! Continue reading “Bacon Burger Dog”