The 2018 “Where’s Waldo” Summer Tour (Part III . . . “The Rest of the Story”)

We left off with The 2018 “Where’s Waldo” Summer Tour (Part II) after attending our niece Abby’s wedding to Blake in Bozeman, MT so it was now time to turn this tour around and head east to Wyoming.  Back across Montana we headed with another overnight in Hardin, MT ( and nope didn’t do any ladder climbing that night).  Our destination in Wyoming was Devils Tower.  Neither Lisa or I had ever been there before so we figured as long as we were this close we’d stop and check it out.

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The 2018 “Where’s Waldo” Summer Tour (Part I)

Our KARE (KremersAmericanRvExpedition) is now into it’s 6th year.  We don’t travel quite as extensively as we did in the first few years and now just travel 3-4 months through the summer and spend the rest of the year in Ft. Myers Beach, FL.  Our 2018 “Where’s Waldo” tour this summer took us many miles through many states.  This is Part I of our 2018 summer travels.  Our furthest destination would be to our niece Abby’s wedding in August.  We left our “Winter Home” at Gulf Waters RV Resort in Ft. Myers Beach, FL June 1st and headed north . . . Bye, Bye GW . . . see you in September.

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Where The Heck Has Waldo Been (Part II)

Well if you remember “Where The Heck Has Waldo Been (Part I)” was mostly about what we had been up to since our last blog in January (KremerAmericanRvExpedition 2016 Picture Review) which basically was all our time at Gulf Waters this past year.  So let’s get on with the rest of the story when we got back on the road and the wheels on the bus actually went round and round.  At the end of July off we went . . . So long Gulf Waters!  Time for a “Vacation” . . . see you in a couple of months.


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Rockin’ Route 66

Hey everyone!!!  After our delightful stay at the Tiffin factory in Red Bay, AL we made a beeline to the southwest via Route 66.  We traveled pretty quickly through Mississippi, Louisiana into Texas.  In Dallas we turned north to Oklahoma City where we picked up Route 66 and then west through Amarillo, TX.

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Takin’ the Tiffin Tour

On our way out of Florida this Spring we stopped in Red Bay, AL.  Red Bay is the “Home” of Tiffin Motor Homes and is where “Waldo” was made.  Having “Waldo” now for about 3 months we had complied a list of some minor issues that needed attention so rather then taking it to a dealership we decided to come to Red Bay and have everything fixed under warranty at the factory.  Red Bay, AL is located in the far NW corner of Alabama almost on the Mississippi border.


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Waiting on Winnebago

KARE Project Update – Waiting on Winnebago!!

After  a great summer in Minnesota it was time to head south.  During our stay in Minnesota we endured a number of thunderstorms with lots of heavy rain and to our dismay we learned that the leak in “Homey” had not been fixed, so our first stop was Forest City, IA, were the Winnebago factory is located.


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Where Did the Summer Go? My, How Time Slips Away!!! Part II

Well,  finally taking the time to finish our summer blog travels . . . now that it is January 2016 🙁 .  Have been pretty busy up until now . . . so finally here is “Where Did the Summer Go? My, How Time Slips Away!!! Part II”.  We left off with part I in Columbus, OH, from there we made good time to MN with a few stops along the way.  One in particular was Clear Lake, IA were we stayed for a week while we awaited for our reservation date in MN.  While there we found the place “Where the Music Died” . . . the field where Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson and their pilot Roger Peterson died in that fateful plane crash.


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