National Parks Closed due to Government Shutdown

forestserviceIf you have plans to camp at a National Park in the near future, those plans will need to be changed.  Last night congress missed its deadline to keep the government running, and an unfortunate side effect of this is that the National Parks will be closed indefinitely during the partial government shutdown.  The public will be unable to enter the parks and visitors who are currently camping in a national park will need to leave within two days and all roads leading to the parks will be closed.


Full Time RVing – Our First Impressions

Well…  we’ve been living in our RV for a little more than a week.  Not long by ‘intergalactic standards’, but momentous for us, just the same.  Looking back, it seems that we spent the week prior to our departure recording our ‘lasts’: our last weekend in our house, our last meal in our house, our last get-together with family, friends and neighbors at our house…  We have spent the time since then recording our ‘firsts’: We spent our first night in the RV knowing that we would have to get up and get ready for our first day of work as full time RVers, we had our first visitors, and we spent our first day knowing that we did not have a sticks and bricks home to return to… Continue reading “Full Time RVing – Our First Impressions”

Motor Home Improvement – Part 3: Kitchen Backsplash Upgrade

KitchenBeforeAfterIn Part 2 of our Motor Home Improvement series, we installed a new shower fixture.  In this installment we will change the kitchen backsplash from drab to fab!  Was this a necessary upgrade? No, not really.  But if your RV kitchen is suffering from a case of the blahs like ours was, this upgrade can add a breath of fresh air into a stale old kitchen and improve the resale value of your RV. Continue reading “Motor Home Improvement – Part 3: Kitchen Backsplash Upgrade”

Motor Home Improvement – Part 2: RV Shower Fixture Replacement

ShowerBeforeAfterIn Part 1 of our Motor Home Improvement series, we replaced a leaking faucet fixture in the kitchen of our motor home.  The next thing that we tackled was the leaking shower fixture.  Replacing the shower fixture involved a few more steps, but was far easier than replacing the kitchen faucet because everything was much more accessible. Continue reading “Motor Home Improvement – Part 2: RV Shower Fixture Replacement”

Motor Home Improvement – Part 1: RV Faucet Replacement

FaucetBeforeAfterThose of you that follow our blog know that Bruce and I purchased a ‘new to us’ Class A last fall.  Like any RV that has a few years under its belt, there were some things that were just not quite our style.  Over the winter we planned and dreamed of what we would do while we waited for the snow to melt.  However once spring arrived we discovered that we had other, more pressing issues.  Those of you who follow this blog may remember that we had some issues with our RV being left outside unwinterized when we left it at the dealership for service.  The dealership claimed that the only damage was to the faucet in the bathroom, but when we took the RV out for the first time this spring, we discovered that the kitchen and shower fixtures were also cracked and leaking.  The fun stuff would have to wait… Continue reading “Motor Home Improvement – Part 1: RV Faucet Replacement”

Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner… and to Stay for a While!

Welcome to Our CamperYou’ve headed south to escape for the winter in your RV.  Life is good.  The weather is warm and you have lots of time to relax in the pool and enjoy your morning coffee under the awning while soaking in the view.  It’s the perfect life.  It’s so perfect that word has spread to your family and they would like to come for a visit… Continue reading “Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner… and to Stay for a While!”

Our Nightmare Before Christmas – Customer Service and the RV Service Industry

New to Us CamperFrom the start, Bruce and I have always agreed that we would not use this blog as a personal soapbox, but our recent experiences with a local RV dealership have left us so frustrated that we wanted to share them with you.   So without naming any names and airing too much dirty laundry, we would like to tell you our story. We would also like to open up a discussion and hear your thoughts about the state of customer service in the RV industry.
Continue reading “Our Nightmare Before Christmas – Customer Service and the RV Service Industry”

Pre-purchase RV Inspection Checklist

Next to buying a new home, a new RV may be one of the largest purchases you ever make.  The emotions involved with bringing home a new, or ‘new to you’ RV are overwhelming and run the gamut from the excitement you feel when you find the perfect model, to the disappointment and regret you may experience when you get home and discover problems with your RV.  Whether buying used or new, it pays to do a thorough inspection before taking delivery of your RV.  Continue reading “Pre-purchase RV Inspection Checklist”