The 2018 “Where’s Waldo” Summer Tour (Part II)

Well now on with the tour.  If you remember we ended “The 2018 “Where’s Waldo” Summer Tour (Part I)” in Kansas City, MO.  To start “The 2018 “Where’s Waldo” Summer Tour (Part II)” we hit the road again now heading west.

Next stop was in Russell, KS for an overnight.  Lots of thunderstorm activity in the area but thankfully it all went around us.  Next day off again continuing west this time to Limon, CO where we stayed at the KOA.  They had had some severe weather the previous few days so the sites here were close to being flooded but is was only an overnight.  Thankfully it didn’t rain overnight and next morning we were off again . . . this time heading to Loveland, CO.

Still biding our time to get to Abby’s wedding we stayed here for a week at the Loveland RV Resort.  An older park but nice and close to restaurants and shopping.  Lisa was having a problem here with our Mi-Fi keeping a good signal which makes it a bit difficult for her to work.  So off I went in search of a signal booster.  Finally found one in Ft. Collins which was less then 10 miles away and she was back in the game.  On my little venture into Ft. Collins just as I came into town I saw a little bar (Matt’s Place) that had a sign out front “Karaoke Wednesday nights”.  Not really thinking about it I mentioned it to Lisa . . . oh well we did have a fun Wednesday night.  Next day Lisa had taken the day off to go exploring so off we went . . . up into the mountains.

First stop was Estes Park.

From there we went further up into the Rocky Mountains National Park.  For those that have been there don’t you just love driving the switchback roads . . . Glad we left Waldo in Loveland.

For most of the time we were in Colorado it was pretty hazy because of all the fires that were burning this summer but as we reached some of the higher elevations the views were still pretty spectacular.

Well, after getting about as “Rocky Mountain High” as we wanted we headed back into Estes Park and wandered around town checking out all the shops.  Lisa got here Colorado charm for her bracelet and I got a couple of hat pins and a t-shirt (which no longer has sleeves 🙂 ) and a hat.

Back on the road again the next day this time heading north.  Destination for this day would be Casper, WY for an overnight.  We stayed at the Casper KOA which wasn’t too bad.  All gravel sites which can make things pretty dirty or muddy . . . thank goodness it didn’t rain while we were there.  Again didn’t feel like cooking for dinner but Lo and Behold there was a couple of bars across the street.  We picked Chatters and after we got seated we looked around and what to my surprise and Lisa’s delight . . . Friday night Karaoke 🙂 .  We each had a few turns but it was a travel day again tomorrow so off we went to Waldo and the “Kids”.  Probably a good thing . . . not sure if we could have endured any more “Karaoke” from there!

Next day we headed further north into Montana which was to be the furthest state away from Florida that we’d go this summer.  We weren’t to be to our final Montana destination until the next day so we had an overnight in Hardin, MT.

We had been having issues with the rear camera on Waldo ever since the beginning of our travels and I had worked on it a few times along the way.  This night I again climbed the 7ft step-ladder to reach the camera and putzed around with it for a while.  The car was still connected to Waldo with the tow bar so I had to straddle the ladder over it.  As I was putting the cover back on I dropped the last screw.   I got down off the ladder and retrieved it.  As I was climbing back up to finish I happened to notice that sticker that is on the last step “This is NOT a step”.  We all know what it is there for and I have climbed this ladder hundreds of times.  I had to stand on “That” step to reach the camera (which I had done many, many times before).  Well, as I pushed on that last screw I guess I pushed a bit too hard.  The ladder went one way and I went straight down landing on the hitch and tow bar.  Lisa said she heard a crash but didn’t hear any swearing so she figured something wasn’t right and came running out.  There I was Dazed and Confused (which is pretty normal for me) picking myself up off the tow bar.  I bruised my forearms and ribs and hit my head on the hitch just above my eye.  Thankfully nothing got broken except maybe my pride . . . and oh . . . the ladder put a good dent in the hood of the car.  After a few beers I was feeling OK . . . until next morning . . . I was a bit sore . . . made for a fun day of driving.

Next morning after such a fun evening in Hardin, MT we turned west again towards our furthest destination of the summer . . . Bozeman, MT.  Bozeman is where our niece Abby lives and another niece Sarah.  We arrived on a Sunday and the wedding would be the following Saturday.  We stayed at Bozeman Hot Springs Campground & RV Park about 4-5 miles west of Bozeman.  A nice campground and it wasn’t far from where the wedding was to be.

It used to be the Bozeman KOA and still has many of the “Kabins” which look to have been updated.

We let Abby know that we had arrived and to our delight she wanted to come by our site that evening.  About an hour later Sarah showed up with her boyfriend Mark, shortly after Abby arrived with her hubby-to-be Blake.  We hadn’t seen Sarah or Abby for a few years and my goodness what beautiful young ladies they have become.  We all had a round of introductions and then proceeded to drink beer and get to know Blake and Mark and reacquaint with Sarah and Abby.  After a few beers they all wanted to hear childhood stories of father Fred . . . that was fun 🙂 .  Later we all went up to Four Corners (just up the road) to the Korner Klub Bar to eat.  What a fun time.  We would be seeing a lot of them this week.

My brother Fred and his wife Jenny, niece Katie and Jenny’s twin sister Judy arrived in Bozeman on Monday and stopped by our site for a couple of hours for a few beers.  When they got out of the car I didn’t see Jenny who was still in the backseat and I walked up to Judy and gave her big hug and said “Jenny . . . so good to see you”. . . Just then Jenny got out and says “Hi Bruce . . . I’m Jenny” . . . oops!  🙂 .  We did some catching up and talked about the coming wedding.  On Tuesday another niece Emily and her husband Lucas arrived and we had a BBQ at Sarah’s house with almost all the family.  Many of Blakes family were there too so it was nice to get to meet them.

The next few days we were on our own as all the girls were busy with all the wedding prep and pre-wedding activities.  On one of my trips to the store I saw a few birds that we don’t see in the south or even in Minnesota.  They are common in the west and even can be a nuisance . . . Magpies.

On Friday my brother Doug arrived from Helena and my sister Deb from Minneapolis.  They stopped by for about an hour and we all decided to head into Bozeman for some lunch and shopping.  We met up with Fred at Sarah’s and all walked the couple of blocks into town.  We did a little shopping on main street . . . Lisa needed a MT charm for her bracelet and I another hat 🙂 . We ended up at ” Garage Soup Shack & Mesquite Grill for lunch and a few beers. 

You can’t see us in the above picture . . . we are way in the back 🙁 .  Well, this day being Friday and the wedding being the next day all of Fred’s family was busy with the rehearsals.  Deb drove to Helena to Doug and Therese’s new house which they were in the process of finishing the new build.  Deb spent the night with Therese and Deb came back to Bozeman the next day.  Unfortunately, Therese couldn’t make it to Bozeman, she stayed in Helena to finish up some things on the new house to be ready for an inspection coming on Monday.  We were sorry not to get the opportunity the meet her but hope to one of these days soon.

Sorry I don’t have many pictures of everyone through this week . . . was to busy having fun visiting with everyone 🙁  🙂 . . . but I did get plenty of the wedding as you will see (some I may have borrowed from Abby and Blake’s wedding album . . . Thanks Guys 🙂 ).

Well, Saturday came and it was finally Abby and Blake’s Big Day!  The wedding was being held at Hart Ranch Weddings and Events just down the road from our campground a few miles in Gallatin Gateway.  A very beautiful setting for such an event.

A beautiful day for a wedding for such a wonderful couple.

Everything was all decked out and ready to begin.

We’d been on the road now for over two months biding our time to get here to Bozeman for Abby and Blake’s wedding on time so now is the time!

The Bride and all the attendants were all gussied up looking beautiful!!

So one good belt for Good Luck and they’re ready!

The Groom and all his men are duded out looking mighty handsome.

One more toast for Good Luck and they’re ready!

Most everyone was seated so on with the ceremony!

First . . . Mother of the Bride . . . Jenny.

The Groom . . . Blake and his parents.

Sister Katie looking beautiful as ever!

Twin sister Emily . . . Gorgeous!

Sister Sarah . . . Looking Marvelous . . . and no that is not Clint Eastwood 🙁

Can’t forget the Ring Bearers.

And Finally . . . “Here comes the Bride” Abby with proud papa Fred.

On with ceremony.

Mr. and Mrs. Dobson (Abby & Blake 🙂 ).

And here’s the whole new family.

After a fun “Mingle” session there was dinner (very good) and wedding toasts which many were very entertaining and then let there be cake.

And on to the dances . . . The Bride & Groom first dance . . .

Father and Bride . . .

Then let the celebration begin . . .

We had a great time!  Thank you everyone and a special Thanks to Abby and Blake!  We wished we could have stayed longer for more of the celebration but next day we were heading out.

It was so much fun seeing family but now that we successfully made it to our goal of Abby and Blake’s wedding it was time to turn this tour around and point Waldo east.

Thanks for following us on The 2018 “Where’s Waldo” Summer Tour (Part II).  I originally intended to only have 2 parts for this blog but . . . to get to “the rest of the story” watch for the last episode . . . The 2018 “Where’s Waldo” Summer Tour (Part III) coming right behind part II.


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