Where Did the Summer Go? My, How Time Slips Away!!! Part I

Goodness gracious  . . . Have been so busy I hadn’t realized we’ve had no blogs on our travels and adventures since I posted “The Sweetest Place on Earth” of our time in Hershey, PA this past June . . . other then our Full-Timing Anniversary post Happy Anniversary to Us! The Second Anniversary of Our Life on the Road .  So we’ll try and catch you all up on our summer travels starting with heading north through Pennsylvania from Hershey.


We left Hershey and to avoid traversing so many mountains we headed north along the Susquehanna River . . . or as we’ve been told that whenever saying “Susquehanna River” you should always say “The Mighty Susquehanna”.  It was a very beautiful drive.



Coming through Dauphin, PA we came across “The Mighty Susquehanna’s” statue of liberty.  In 1986 a replica of the Statue of Liberty was erected on one of the piers of the old Marysville railroad bridge in the Dauphin Narrows of the Susquehanna River.


Further travels through Pennsylvania brought us to a little town just west of “The Mighty Susquehanna” and just east of Middleburg, Pa called Kreamer, PA.  I had been told by a sibling that our family came from this part of the country so we decided to explore.  Kreamer, PA is just a tiny burg with only a handful of streets which all seem to branch off the mainstreet . . . Kreamer Ave.


Right in the middle of Kreamer Ave we found a house with a big “K” on the front.

Big K


I noticed that there were cars parked outside the house but being the shy guy I am I was hesitant to go up to the door . . . ya right!!!  When I knocked on the door a young man answered.  I introduced myself as a Kremer and after talking for a couple of minutes he invited me in.  We talked about the different spellings of Kremer vs. Kreamer for a bit . . . he said that locally they have changed over the many years since the town came into being around the turn of the 19th century.  His name was Kreamer and said his grandfather built this house I believe around the turn of the 20th century.  He showed me around the house  which had wonderful old woodworking and  the original Oak floor . . . complete with a big “K” in the middle.


After a nice tour of the house and grounds and a nice conversation were I explained I was looking for some old cemeteries to try and find any ancestors he directed me to the towns oldest cemetery.  He also told me to check a Middleburg, PA cemetery which was only a few miles away.  We searched the local Kreamer cemetery to no avail so off we went to Middleburg.

In Middleburg we found the Glendale Cemetery which had originally been called The Swineford Cemetery.  Middleburg’s original name was Swinefordstown named after it’s founder John Albright Swineford.  We searched around the cemetery for a while . . .


After almost a half an hour Lisa called out “Over here!!!”  Sure enough she found the “Kremer plots”.  There were many Kremer headstones, the most prominent was that of George Kremer and his wife Catharine  . . .




I believe George Kremer  was my Great-Great-Great Grandfather (or maybe he was my Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather . . . not completely positive yet).  He was the Honorable George Kremer, nephew of Simon Snyder, Governor of Pennsylvania from 1808-1817.   George was a member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in 1812 and 1813.  He was elected as a Jackson Republican to the Eighteenth U.S. Congress in 1823 and reelected as a Jacksonian to the Nineteenth and Twentieth U.S. Congress and served until 1829.

There were many other Kremer headstones and many Bower headstones (More ancestors . . . the Kremers and Bowers were thick as thieves in those days . . . no pun intended 🙂 ).  It was very interesting to get a chance to see all this and a look into the past.

Well, after traveling north along “The Mighty Susquehanna” we finally turned west.  We stayed for a week in Bellefonte, PA  . . .


Then headed further west to Grove City, PA where we stayed for a while . . . nice camp site here . . . too bad it rained most of the time.


We did eat at a very nice restaurant here called The Iron Bridge Inn in Mercer, PA . . . if anyone passes through the area be sure to try it out!

Finally out of Pennsylvania and into Ohio where we were to meet up with our snowbird friends Bob and Cindy around Galena/Delaware Ohio just outside of Columbus, OH.


We stayed at a nice campground only a few miles from Bob and Cindy. We arrived a few days before the 4th of July.


Columbus was having their Fourth of July celebration, “Red, White and Boom!” (actually on the 3rd of July) so Bob and Cindy took us downtown to celebrate.



We had a good time sampling the beer booths and had dinner at the Rodizio Grill The Brazilian Steakhouse . . .  Yum!!!  After dinner we headed to the McFerson Commons Park where the fireworks were to be.  The park was pretty packed but we did manage to get a few spots to sit along a curb . . . the fireworks were fun!!



Another fun day Bob and Cindy took us for a guided tour around the area.  First we went to the Olentangy Indian Caverns.  The Olentangy Indian Caverns are a series of natural underground caves, passages, and rooms occupying three different levels.  The caverns were formed millions of years ago by an underground river that cut through the limestone rock.  They were used by the Wyandotte Indians as a refuge from the weather and from their enemies the Delaware Indians.





Here is a natural rock table the Indians would meet around . . . or whatever else (????)


After the Indian Caves they took us to see “The Hoover Dam” Ohio style.




We also went out to dinner with them a few times and enjoyed our visits to their home for cocktails and great conversation.  Cindy also prepared a couple of wonderful dinners which we appreciated and enjoyed very much.  Thanks Bob and Cindy for being such good friends and we look forward having more great times in Ft. Myers Beach this coming Snowbird season.

Well, this wraps up “Where Did the Summer Go? My, How Time Slips Away!!! Part I”.  Stay tuned for “Where Did the Summer Go? My, How Time Slips Away!!! Part II” as we continued our summer travels to the “Great Green North” coming very soon.

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