Fun Weekend in America’s Oldest City.

A few weeks ago we spent a long weekend in America’s oldest city . . . St. Augustine, FL.  I had visited St. Augustine years ago but Lisa had never been there.  There were some things I remembered from before but most was new and fun.


We stayed on a key just a mile or so north of St. Augustine called Vilano Beach at a very nice campground on Highway A1A just across from the ocean. 


We met up with some friends there (actually they invited us to join them for a long “camping” weekend so we accepted).  The first day we all met in the old section of St. Augustine for sightseeing, shopping and lunch.

IMG_0172 IMG_0173 IMG_0174IMG_0171

When we got back to the campground, even though it was kind of a chilly and windy day for FL we took the “Kids” (Tessy & Tucker) across the street to the beach.  Neither of them had seen the ocean before (Tessy has been to the Gulf of Mexico) and let them run and explore.

IMG_0190 IMG_0194 IMG_0201

 That evening we all got together at Stef and Trevor’s campsite and enjoyed a “Shrimp Boil” that Genia’s husband Tony (with help) prepared in a large boiling kettle.  Shrimp, Sausage, Potatoes . . . and I don’t remember what else ( we were also enjoying some beer and cocktails :-)).  It was delicious !!!!  Was too busy having a good time we never got any pics of feast :-(. 

The next day Lisa and I went off on our own to explore more of the old section of town.  First, we visited “Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth Archaeological Park” ( ).  The weather was a bit nicer so wandering the grounds, buildings and exhibits was a lot of fun . . . and we learned stuff too!


We each had a drink from the fountain . . . not sure if it will help “-).

Lots of cool exhibits . . .IMG_0254IMG_0252

Saw some demonstrations of some of the old world weapons like a crossbow and a cannon . . IMG_0261 IMG_0265

Watched as the cannon was loaded and of course fired 🙂IMG_0262 IMG_0264

Wandering around the grounds there was a lot of things to see . . . of course a statue of the man himself Ponce de Leon . . .IMG_0274

A pair of old cannons . . . and if you look close Florida domesticated “wildlife”. . . a Peahen.IMG_0276

And couldn’t have a Peahen without a Peacock strutting his stuff.IMG_0281

and from the “rear”IMG_0279

After the Fountain of Youth we went back into the old section of town for more shopping and lunch.  After lunch we walked a few blocks and took a tour of the Castillo De San Marcos National Monument . . . an old Spanish fort.


The drawbridge entrance.IMG_0285

Inside the walls.IMG_0297

Cannons on the upper walls between the bastions.IMG_0307

An exhibition of troops firing a cannon.IMG_0310

A couple of pics from up on the walls.IMG_0321 IMG_0323

All in all the Castillo De San Marcos National Monument was a pretty cool place to see . . . especially since I finally got a Lifetime Seniors (which I can now :-)) pass for all National parks for $10 . . . can bring in 3 other people with me into any park. . . . Cool !

After exploring Old St. Augustine all day we made our way back to the campground and hooked up with our friends again . . . and more cocktails . . . and beer.  That evening we all went to the campgrounds on-site restaurant “Aunt Kate’s” for dinner ( ).  Some looked to have had a little more “fun” than others . . . of course it was Trevor’s birthday.IMG_0327

Come Monday we bid adieu to our friends and headed back towards Orlando where we were going to drop Homey off at the dealers for some warranty work.  We stayed the next four nights in a cottage at Tropical Palms until we picked Homey up after the repairs.

We want to Thank our friends Trevor and Stef for inviting us for a fun weekend.  We had a blast with all . . . Stef, Trevor, Nate, Genia and Tony . . . Thanks guys, hope to see you soon!!  


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  1. Great pics!! Haven’t had a chance to blog this trip. Thanks for keeping it fresh in my mind 🙂 We had a super fun time with the We Camp Here folks. We’ll do it again soon.

  2. Very nice place, I’ll have to visit it some day. And another GREAT set of pics there, keep them coming!


  3. Had a great time and hope to see you and Mr Happy Camper soon!! Glad to hear homey is doing better!

  4. Amazing photos and interesting commentary. You should have worn your Captain Jack Sparrow outfit and you would have fit right in! It was 10 degress this a.m., so keep enjoying the warm part of the country.

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