Westward Ho!

KARE Project update – Westward Ho Chapter


Well, Spring has finally sprung and we finally left Florida . . . Westward Ho!  Our last week in Florida was very wet and it rained heavy three or four of those last days there . . . we were in Panama City Beach.  One of those last days it rained over 8 1/2 inches.  That was the day we discovered we had a leak in the roof.  I found water running down the wall in the bathroom . . . more like streaming down the wall.  We called Winnebago and they told us that the leak and any damage would be covered under our warranty . . . good thing but we needed to stop the leak now.  So not having any control of whether it rained or not we left.  It rained the day we left and it took us 1/2 the day to get out of the rain but finally blue skies south of Montgomery, AL. We stayed just outside Montgomery for an overnight and then headed west from there the next morning with bright blue sunny skies. Continue reading “Westward Ho!”