Keeping Busy Doing Nothing

Keeping Busy Doing NothingOne of the biggest adjustments for us as new full time RVers has been figuring out what to do with our free time.  As a home owner, it is amazing how much of your day is eaten up by maintaining a household.  When you no longer have to mow the lawn and cleaning ‘the house’ takes 15 minutes, you find yourself with a lot more free time on your hands.  The good news is that it gives me more time to write.  The bad news is that right now there isn’t much to write about, so this will be a post about doing nothing… and it turns out that sometimes doing nothing can lead to a pretty full day too! Continue reading “Keeping Busy Doing Nothing”

Our Encounter with ‘The Claw’… Our First Experience Towing a Vehicle

The Claw...

Well, we had our tow gear installed and we have headed off for the great unknown.  As rookie towers we made sure that we listened closely as Dillon at Blue Ox explained how to use our new equipment.  He stepped us through hooking up the tow bar and breaking system, which we affectionately nicknamed ‘The Claw’.  We drove back to our site, unhooked everything and waited until morning when we would have to do it all again… alone… on a Saturday… when the factory was closed… without any help from our new found friend Dillon. Continue reading “Our Encounter with ‘The Claw’… Our First Experience Towing a Vehicle”

National Parks Closed due to Government Shutdown

forestserviceIf you have plans to camp at a National Park in the near future, those plans will need to be changed.  Last night congress missed its deadline to keep the government running, and an unfortunate side effect of this is that the National Parks will be closed indefinitely during the partial government shutdown.  The public will be unable to enter the parks and visitors who are currently camping in a national park will need to leave within two days and all roads leading to the parks will be closed.