Pausing in Pender

Sunset over MN
Fall is in the air and wanderlust has started to settle in.  After three weeks of camping locally, Bruce has officially retired and we are ready for our journey to begin.  We have traded the hustle and bustle of the city for the rolling hills of the Midwest.  Our first destination… Pender, Nebraska.

Why Pender, Nebraska, you ask?  Well, we did a lot of research on vehicles and towing before choosing a toad for our journey.  We wanted a vehicle that was safe to tow with our RV.  We also wanted one that didn’t require any modifications or a whole lot of monkeying around to be able to tow it – pulling fuses, disengaging the transmission, dancing around on one leg and doing the hokey-pokey after every four hours of driving, etc…   We finally settled on a 2014 Ford Focus (Bruce is a Ford man…).  Based on recommendations from fellow campers, we also settled on a Blue Ox tow bar and baseplate.  After purchasing the vehicle, we made a trip to our local Blue Ox retailer and discovered that, alas… the baseplate for the 2014 Focus was not yet available.  The salesperson made some calls and notified us that with our vehicle we would be able to participate in the Blue Ox Fit Program.  She explained that in exchange for bringing our vehicle to the factory for use in designing a baseplate that fits it, we would receive a custom made baseplate and an Aventa tow bar.  We said, “Sign us up!”, so here we are.  They have a campground right here at the factory, so for one week this will be home:
Home at Blue Ox

It’s a nice campground.  A handful of the sites, like the one they assigned to us, have nice big concrete pads.  The other sites are basic gravel sites.  The sites on our side of the loop are all pull-ins, which is interesting.  The sites on the other side of the loop are back-ins.  There are no other facilities, so it is a campground for self contained RVs only.

We met our neighbors and they are here for some work on their wiring harness.  Given the location of the campground, I would assume that most of their guests are utilizing the services available at the factory, which is right next door:
Blue Ox Factory

We’ll be taking our Focus in on Wednesday to be fitted.  They also have a factory tour, so we’ll have to check that out too while we are here.  We want to make sure that we take advantage of everything that Pender has to offer.  ;o)  As we were driving through the nearby town of Thurston, we noticed a sign for ‘Watermelon Days’.  Local festivals are always fun, but unfortunately we are a week late for this one.  We do have a friend who lives about an hour away who will be coming to visit us later in the week and we are looking forward to that.

Well, that’s all we have to report for now.  Our next destination will be the Nashville area of Tennessee to visit some friends.  We will also be taking some time to see the sites.  If you have any suggestions on what we should do while we are in the area, we would love it if you would let us know!