Full Time RVing – Our First Impressions

Well…  we’ve been living in our RV for a little more than a week.  Not long by ‘intergalactic standards’, but momentous for us, just the same.  Looking back, it seems that we spent the week prior to our departure recording our ‘lasts’: our last weekend in our house, our last meal in our house, our last get-together with family, friends and neighbors at our house…  We have spent the time since then recording our ‘firsts’: We spent our first night in the RV knowing that we would have to get up and get ready for our first day of work as full time RVers, we had our first visitors, and we spent our first day knowing that we did not have a sticks and bricks home to return to…

Life still goes on… Business as usual?
In a lot of ways, it still feels like we are on vacation.  In other ways it is business as usual.  We still have to get up to go to work in the morning, we still have to cook and clean, even though there is definitely an advantage to cleaning a 26ft motorhome over a 2600 sq ft house!  The laundry still has to be done, and the pets still have to be taken care of.  Our poodle, Fudge has been nursing an eye problem, so we have been taking him to a specialist.  The pressure in his right eye has been elevated for two weeks, so we have spent a lot of time at our local veterinarian.  Unfortunately the drops that they prescribed did not do the trick, so he needed surgery.  They did a procedure called an “evisceration with prosthesis”, which basically means that they took the contents out of his eye and replaced it with a silicone ball.  He made it through the surgery without a hitch and once they remove the stitches, his eye will look pretty much normal, though he will never regain his sight in that eye again.  Until the stitches come out, he has a new nickname. We are calling our little dude “Winky”.  😉  We are happy that for now we are still close to home and that he will have a chance to heal before we hit the road for real.

Happily houseless, but far from homeless…
We closed on our house on Friday, so we are officially houseless.  There’s no turning back now!  Not that we ever entertained that idea.  In every way that matters, the RV feels like home, so we are far from homeless.  It was a bit strange at first, knowing that we didn’t have a house to return to, but that didn’t last for long once we started thinking of all of the things that we would never have to do again unless we wanted to.  Things like mowing the lawn and pulling weeds are a thing of the past, even though I did catch Bruce pulling a weed out of a crack beside the RV the other day.  We’ll never have to paint the house, rake the leaves or shovel snow again, hallelujah!  Nope, you can take the house… we’re feeling quite at home, thank you!

Full time RV perks and problems…
I have started a list of full time RV perks and problems. So far the list is short, just one of each, but I am sure that it will grow:

Full Time RV Perk Number 1: If you have a hankering for ice cream you can (usually) run down to the office and grab an ice cream sandwich.

Full Time RV Problem Number 1: The wonderful aromas coming from the grill two sites down can be overwhelming… especially when you are having a ham sandwich for lunch.

So, is the life of a full time RVer what we thought it would be? My first instinct is to say, “yes”‘ but you’ll have to check back with us on that.  We’ll keep you posted on our adventures.  We’d love to hear from you too.  Don’t forget to leave us a comment to tell us what you think, ask us a question, or just say, “hi”!

6 Replies to “Full Time RVing – Our First Impressions”

  1. Please keep me posted, we are thinking the same thing, in our early 50 and have done nothing since we retired 3 years ago. This has come up numerous times, have tried to figure the cost, weather to buy new or used. I fear the thought of not having a home to come home to,not knowing the uncertain of things scare me a little, but that feeling of being free is once in a life time feeling.

    1. Will do, Kathy! We’re glad to have you following along. So far, so good for us. The toughest part was getting ready to go. You never realize how much stuff that you have until you have to get rid of it. 😉

      We bought used. We felt that we were getting more for our money that way. New or used though, the most important thing is to find an RV that suits your lifestyle within the budget you are comfortable with. Try a few on for size and don’t buy until you find the one that really works for you. If you buy used, it is a good idea to have it inspected by a third party. Unfortunately dealers don’t always have your best interest in mind during the sale.

      We are looking forward to our adventures and we will continue to live on the road until one or both of us decides that it is time to settle down again. We figure that we can always find another house to live in and until then, wherever we go will be home.

      Good luck with your decision. If there are any other questions that you have, we’d be happy to help you out if we can.

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