Our Journey Begins…

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Some of you may have been wondering where we’ve been.  While it has been pretty quiet on the blog, things have been crazy behind the scenes.  Bruce and I have thought about full time RVing for quite a while, and this summer we finally decided that we should turn our thoughts into actions.  As of this week, we are officially on the road.  If you are curious about what it takes to prepare for the grand adventure of full time RVing, read on to see how we got to where we are now…

The Plan…
Every great adventure starts with a plan and every plan starts with a name.   We officially dubbed our plan the KARE Project, which stands for the Kremer American RV Exploration Project and we started working on a high level plan.  If you are thinking of full time RVing, your high level plan will most likely be similar to ours:

  • Secure a source of income on the road
  • Decide what to do with a current home
  • Downsize to fit in an RV

Other than filling in the details, this plan didn’t really change over the course of the summer.  The details were many, though and time was short…

To work or not to work… That is the question
Unless you are retired or independently wealthy, you will need to secure a source of income on the road.  This website is not our main source of income.  (Contrary to what you hear on late night TV, chances are that you are not going to make millions running a website while you sleep ;)).  I am a web developer by day, and Bruce is an IT support consultant.  Bruce is nearing the golden age of retirement and he decided that it was time to do so.  He does plan to look into work camping to keep him busy and he also wants to do a bit of freelance tech support for our fellow campers on the road.  I am fortunate enough to work from home, so we decided that my job would be our main source of income if my employer was OK with this decision.

Even if you work in a profession that does not require a daily trip to the office, don’t assume that your employer will agree with your decision.  I have a wonderful boss who understands that a sticks and bricks house is not required in order for me to do my work.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case.  Some just don’t understand the RV lifestyle, and others would just prefer to keep their employees in or near the office.  Ultimately, the decision is theirs, so make sure to get them involved in the process as early as possible.

Home sweet home…
If you want to RV full time, then you have three options on what to do with your sticks and bricks home.  You can close it up until you want to return, you can rent it, or you can sell it.  Which option you pick will depend on your current situation.

We decided to sell, leaving rental as an option if we didn’t find a buyer.  We had a potential buyer before we even put the house on the market, but unfortunately that didn’t pan out.  Fortunately though, we were lucky enough to find the right buyer within the first week of putting our house on the market.  This was both a blessing and a curse.  We didn’t have to worry about selling the house, but it put us on the fast track to get our downsizing done in time for the closing.  We only had a month to do it, so we had to act fast.

Downsizing to Fit in an RV…  What do we do with all of this stuff??
We had lived in our sticks and bricks house for almost 13 years prior to making our decision to full time RV.  In 13 years you can accumulate a LOT of stuff!  Obviously we couldn’t take everything with us, so we set to work on the ‘purge’.  We went through everything that we owned and made the decision to take it with us, put it in storage, sell it, give it away or donate it.  It took two moving sales and a whole lot of trips to the local thrift store, but little by little we whittled down our belongings to what we could take with us.  We put our most precious treasures into storage and we gave a lot away to friends, family and neighbors.  We also found that folks in our neighborhood were more than happy to take things off our hands when we put them at the curb, often within hours of putting them out there.  We packed carefully and squeezed things into every available nook and cranny of the RV.

We did it!  Time to hit the road!?
Our last day in the house was bittersweet.  We were excited to start our new adventure, but we were also sad to leave our family, friends and neighbors behind.  We wish that we could take every one of them with us!  There was also that little voice in the back of our minds asking us if we had made the right decision.  We have only been out for a few days now, so in a way it still seems like we are just out camping for the week, but the little voice in our heads has faded away and the excitement is building.  No turning back now!  So far, our journey has not taken us far from home because Bruce is finishing up his last few days at work.  Once he is officially retired, we will take off for the great unknown…

Now that we are finally living in the RV and things have settled down, we promise to get back to blogging more regularly.  We hope that you will follow us on our journey!

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  1. Living the dream, we’ll be in FL. until Feb. If you get close to Orlando holler. “Have P/U will travel”

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