Pausing in Pender

Sunset over MN
Fall is in the air and wanderlust has started to settle in.  After three weeks of camping locally, Bruce has officially retired and we are ready for our journey to begin.  We have traded the hustle and bustle of the city for the rolling hills of the Midwest.  Our first destination… Pender, Nebraska. Continue reading “Pausing in Pender”

Full Time RVing – Our First Impressions

Well…  we’ve been living in our RV for a little more than a week.  Not long by ‘intergalactic standards’, but momentous for us, just the same.  Looking back, it seems that we spent the week prior to our departure recording our ‘lasts’: our last weekend in our house, our last meal in our house, our last get-together with family, friends and neighbors at our house…  We have spent the time since then recording our ‘firsts’: We spent our first night in the RV knowing that we would have to get up and get ready for our first day of work as full time RVers, we had our first visitors, and we spent our first day knowing that we did not have a sticks and bricks home to return to… Continue reading “Full Time RVing – Our First Impressions”

Our Journey Begins…

Our view today

Some of you may have been wondering where we’ve been.  While it has been pretty quiet on the blog, things have been crazy behind the scenes.  Bruce and I have thought about full time RVing for quite a while, and this summer we finally decided that we should turn our thoughts into actions.  As of this week, we are officially on the road.  If you are curious about what it takes to prepare for the grand adventure of full time RVing, read on to see how we got to where we are now… Continue reading “Our Journey Begins…”