Motor Home Improvement – Part 2: RV Shower Fixture Replacement

ShowerBeforeAfterIn Part 1 of our Motor Home Improvement series, we replaced a leaking faucet fixture in the kitchen of our motor home.  The next thing that we tackled was the leaking shower fixture.  Replacing the shower fixture involved a few more steps, but was far easier than replacing the kitchen faucet because everything was much more accessible.

We started by carefully scoring the caulk around the faceplate for the faucet, taking the screw covers off of the screws and removing the screws that held the faceplate to the shower wall.  Depending on the manufacturer of your RV, this step may be a bit different, but after examining the setup you will need to remove whatever is necessary to get at the plumbing behind the shower wall.

Once the faceplate was removed, the next step was to remove the waterline connections from the back of the fixture.  With the old fixture removed we were able to examine the space behind the shower faucet for leaks and damage.  The camera on the smartphone came in handy for this.  Luckily there was no damage and the only leaks were the ones that we noticed coming from the front of the fixture.
Behind the Shower

The next step was to remove the old caulk from the shower wall and the faceplate.  Be sure to remove all of the residue or the new caulk won’t adhere well and you may end up with a bigger mess than you started with in the long run.  Commercial products are available to help remove any particularly stubborn residue.  Just be sure to test a small area first to be sure that it doesn’t damage your shower walls.

Before caulk removal:
Before Caulk Removal

After caulk removal:
After Caulk Removal

Once the excess caulk was removed, it was time to remove the old fixture from the faceplate and attach the new fixture.  This was as easy as removing the plastic nuts from the back of the old fixture and attaching the new one.  We also added a few dabs of caulk around the holes between the fixture and the faceplate as directed by the manufacturer.
Attaching the Fixture

Once the fixture was firmly attached to the faceplate, it was time to reattach the water lines and attach the faceplate to the shower wall.  Then we caulked around the faceplate and put the covers on the screws.

The last step was to replace the shower sprayer.  Just screw it on and the job is done!  We didn’t need to do this, but the sprayers that come standard in RVs leave a bit to be desired.  It was worth the extra money to get a shower head that is both functional and looks nice too.
Shower Sprayer

On a scale of 1 to 5 with 5 being the hardest, I would give this a 2.  There were a few more steps to this repair than replacing the kitchen faucet, but the access to the plumbing was much better which made the job far easier.

Next up…  On to the fun stuff!  Installing a stainless steel tile back splash in the kitchen…