Cool Tears and Tiny Campers Magazine

I’ve always been fascinated by teardrop campers.  You have to admit that they are some of the most unique trailers on the market.  They are the ultimate in tiny trailers, from their diminutive indoor living space to their distinctive outdoor kitchens.  There is nothing else like them.  They are in a league of their own.

We recently discovered a new bi-monthly publication, Cool Tears and Tiny Campers Magazine that is dedicated to teardrop campers, and their owners.  The magazine is unique, in that rather than being purely an online publication, it is delivered bi-monthly to your email inbox.  The current issue is also available online at, or if you prefer the feeling of the pages turning under your fingers, you can order a print version there too.

While it is primarily about teardrop campers, the magazine has a little something for everyone.  Without giving it all away, here is a little taste of what you will find in the current issue:  Have you ever dreamed of  going on an Alaskan camping adventure?  The current issue  of Cool Tears and Tiny Campers includes an article written by a couple of teardrop owners who spent three months doing just that.  It also includes articles about teardrop gatherings, a story about building a one-of-a-kind teardrop trailer, an interview with a teardrop manufacturer and some mouth-watering dessert recipes.  We will definitely be trying the sugar cone s’mores on our next camping trip.

So whether you are currently a teardrop camper, someone who is interested in becoming a teardrop camper, or if you are just someone who loves all things about camping like Bruce and I do, we think you’ll love Tear Drops and Tiny Campers!