Gadgets to Keep Your Phone Charged

Staying connected while you are camping can be a difficult at best, especially when camping in remote areas.  Add to that the fact that most remote campgrounds don’t have electrical hookups and you could easily be stuck with a dead battery, even if you are in an area where you can get a cell signal.  Here are a couple of cell phone chargers that got our attention.

SOLIO Classic2SOLIO Classic2 Solar Battery Pack + Charger
When you are out and about in remote areas, a solar charger is an obvious choice.  One that caught our eye is the Solio Classic2.  For $100.00 you can extend your battery life or use it to charge your device using the power of the sun.  This compact device can be charged via the sun or plugged into a wall outlet when one is available.


BikeChargeBikeConsole BikeCharge
If you are a bike camper or even if you just like to go exploring on day trips while you camp, the BikeCharge is an electric dynamo that will charge your device via USB while you pedal.  The BikeCharge retails for $99.99, fits any spoked wheel and will recharge most any mobile phone with a 2-3 hour bike ride.