Camping Tips that May Save Your Sanity (and Maybe Even Your Marriage)

Airstream DreamingDon’t go on your next camping trip before you read these camping tips.  They may save your sanity and maybe even your marriage.  😮

  1. Don’t talk to the neighbors until AFTER you hitch or unhitch.  If you do, chances are you will do something silly like not hooking up the pigtail (umbilical cord thingy), not chocking/unchocking the wheels, or disconnecting the sewer hose before driving off because you got distracted by your new best friends.
  2. Don’t become too dependent on that new fangled GPS you purchased.  Chances are after that first “software & database update” the campgrounds will be on the other side of the road or two miles down the road in the other direction.  Watch your road signs too.
  3. I always say you can tell how your marriage is going by how long it takes to hook up the trailer.  If you get it backed up in the first few tries then all is good, if it takes more than ten minutes… chances are it is time to have “the talk” cause one of you is mad at the other.
  4. If you plan on rolling your eyes at your spouse during hitch up, wear sunglasses.  Chances are, if you don’t, they can see you through the rear view mirror.
  5. Speaking of which, when you have arguments and no matter how much you love your spouse you will argue, shut the windows and turn on the A/C or the fan.  At least then when you yell at each other, chances are the neighbors won’t hear it or you can pretend they don’t.

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