Grand Marais, MN… The Jewel of the North

Bruce and I are Minnesota natives, so one of our favorite summer activities is to go Up Nort’ to escape the summer heat.  When we do, our destination is often the town of Grand Marais, MN and the surrounding area.  The name Grand Marais, which means Great Marsh in French, was given to the town by the French fur traders in the early 1800’s.  It is a quaint harbor town on Lake Superior that offers plenty to do for both the outdoor enthusiast and for those that prefer a more ‘civilized’ camping experience. Continue reading “Grand Marais, MN… The Jewel of the North”

Twelve Tips from a ‘Not so Typical’ Fulltime RVer

Airstream DreamingFirst off, we are the oddity.  I’ll cop to that.  I like to say we are a minority, within a minority, within a minority.  We are fulltime RVers, that’s one.  We are young for fulltime RVers, that’s two.  We are fulltime RVers with kids and that’s three.  In other words, while there are a more than a few of us out there, in the 14 months we have been on the road we have run into only two or three other fulltiming families.  So if your looking for a normal blog post on fulltime RVing… this isn’t your post. Continue reading “Twelve Tips from a ‘Not so Typical’ Fulltime RVer”