Custer, South Dakota… There is More Than Just A Carved Mountain Or Two

Like most people we wanted to take the kids to see Mount Rushmore.  At the time our rig didn’t have a grey water tank and the nearest RV Park with full hookups, which was remotely in our budget, was located thirty minutes away in Custer, South Dakota.  We didn’t really know much about the area but we found a mother lode of tourist treasures in Custer. Continue reading “Custer, South Dakota… There is More Than Just A Carved Mountain Or Two”

Shady Lady Cocktail

Shady Lady CocktailHere is a fruity cocktail with just a bit of a kick added by the tequila.  As the name implies, it was just made to enjoy in the shade.   And don’t worry gents, this one isn’t just for the ladies.  We think you’ll like it too.

1 oz Tequila
1 oz Melon Liqueur
Grapefruit Juice

Fill a glass with ice

Add tequila and melon liqueur

Fill glass with grapefruit juice

On The Way – Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame and Museum

World's Largest MuskieRecently Bruce and I had the opportunity to explore the Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame in Hayward, WI.  For an avid fisherman like Bruce, the Hall of Fame and museum was like a trip to fishing heaven.  We both enjoyed touring the fish sculpture gardens, checking out the replicas of the trophy fish caught by various anglers, and perusing the museum halls filled with historic photos, a motor graveyard and vintage fishing equipment. Continue reading “On The Way – Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame and Museum”

Aloha Burgers

burgerBurgers are a camping staple food, but let’s face it…  burgers can be boring.  So make your next camp-out meal shout, “Aloha!” when you throw these burgers on the grill.  Hula skirts and beverages served in coconuts are optional. Continue reading “Aloha Burgers”

Sausage Hash

This dish is great along with eggs for breakfast, or it is hearty enough to serve as an entire meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner.  The onions and garlic make it very flavorful and the chiles give it that extra little ‘kick’ to get your day started off right.  Continue reading “Sausage Hash”