What is Your Camping Personality?

When it comes to camping, everyone does it a bit differently. Some like to rough it, while others won’t camp without all of the modern conveniences of home.  Some aren’t happy unless they have someone to interact with, while others like to keep to themselves.  Even with our differences though, we all find a way to get along at our home away from home. So, what kind of camper are you?  Read on to discover your camping personality…


Camping Commando
You like to rough it all the way.  No modern conveniences for you.  A tent and a sleeping bag are the only necessities and everything else is just overkill.  Camping in an RV isn’t really camping.

Stealth Camper
For you a campground is just a place to park your RV.  Once you arrive at a campground you hole up in your camper, never to be seen again until departure day.

Social Butterfly Camper
As far as you are concerned, camping is all about the folks you meet.  Able to strike up a conversation with all but the most reclusive campers, you flit from campsite to campsite, talking to anyone who will listen or at least anyone who doesn’t see you coming.

Camp Ranger
Annoyed by even the most minor of infraction of the rules, your cellphone is armed with the number of the campground office and you aren’t afraid to use it.  If it weren’t for the lack of modern conveniences, you would prefer to camp in remote areas, far away from the hoodlums that populate most campgrounds.

Party Animal
You only camp in large groups.  Fancying yourself as the life of the campground, you play your tunes at max volume so that everyone can enjoy them, often into the wee hours of the morning.  Your arch nemesis is the camp ranger, who always tries to spoil your fun.

Techno Camper
From cell phones to satellite dishes, you just won’t leave home without ‘em.  No wireless internet at the campground?  No problem!  You bring your own.  No cable?  Who needs cable when you have a self adjusting satellite dish with 300 channels and a DVR! You don’t have just one TV in your RV, you have three, including one for your outdoor kitchen/wet bar.  After all, it’s just not camping unless you can watch the game both inside and outside.

So what is your camping personality?  Are you one of these, or maybe a combination of two or three?  Did we miss your personality?  Leave us a comment and let us know your camping style!

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