Camping Season is Here… Have You Seen Your Anode Rod Lately?

Location of the Anode RodSpring is here!  That means that it is time to check the anode rod in your RV water heater.   If you don’t know what an anode rod is, then you have come to the right place to find out.  In fact, knowing the condition of your anode rod could mean the difference between a $10 to $15 replacement part and a $300 to $500 full water heater replacement.  Do we have your attention?  Then read on to find out how to perform this easy RV maintenance task. Continue reading “Camping Season is Here… Have You Seen Your Anode Rod Lately?”

Military Campgrounds – Serving Those Who Serve Us

We’ve camped in many places over the years.  State parks amongst trees and lakes, beaches with white sand, and at theme parks surrounded by roller coasters.  But imagine camping on an active military base, with the adrenaline rush of fighter jets zooming by just a short distance above the trees.  That is just one of the things you may experience while camping at one of our nation’s 247 military campgrounds. Continue reading “Military Campgrounds – Serving Those Who Serve Us”