The Cool Class C

A great choice for small families, couples or snowbirds, the Class C has all of the conveniences of a larger motorhome in a scaled-down size and at a lower price.  The Class C is built on what is known as a cutaway van chassis.  This means that the entire front of the vehicle is of the same general construction as a van or a pickup truck.  In fact, one of the defining features of the Class C is how the cab of the RV is tucked in beneath an overhang that generally contains an overhead sleeping area.

Like their big brother the Class A, Class C motorhomes come in a wide variety of floor plans with a large variety of options including slides and exterior storage bays.  One of the options that we saw at the RV show this year was a model with storage and an entertainment center over the cockpit rather than a bed.  This is a great choice for couples without children where the extra bed is not needed.

Like the Class A, the need for alternate transportation is one of the down-sides with Class C motorhomes.  You are living in your transportation, so if you need to shop for groceries or you want to go exploring, you either need to break camp or you have to find another way to get to where you need to go.  If you do break camp and take the RV to the store, finding a place to park it can be difficult, but it is not quite as hard to park a Class C as it is to find a spot for a Class A or a truck and a large fifth wheel.

There is also an up-side to living in your transportation.  If  if you have a Class C  and you want to stop for a few hours while you are on the road, you don’t have to go outside of your RV to get to your bed or use the facilities like you would with a travel trailer or fifth wheel.  This also means that you only need to find a place to stop when you need gas or when the driver needs a pit stop.

A Class C motorhome requires engine maintenance in addition to the regular upkeep involved with RV ownership.   Fortunately, since the Class C is built on a cutaway van chassis, much of this maintenance is similar in cost to maintenance performed on a truck or van.  That is if you find the right mechanic…

One of the noteworthy things about Class C motorhomes is that they are crash tested by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).   This is because the chassis of a Class C is built in the same assembly line as the van or truck from which it is derived.  This also means that they have many of the built-in safety features that you get with a truck or van, such as driver and passenger airbags and front crumple zones.  If safety is your main concern, a Class C may be the RV for you.

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