Fantastic Fifth Wheels

I am always amazed when I see a Fifth Wheel coming down the highway.  When you see a pickup truck together with a Fifth Wheel, the sheer size of the Fiver makes it difficult to believe that the truck can pull it.  Pull it, they can though… and they do!

Fivers are a popular choice with the RV crowd, particularly with full timers.  And there is good reason for their popularity.  They are available in a large variety of floorplans, many of them come with multiple slide-outs, and of course you can get them with just about any of the amenities you could imagine.  Some of the newer floorplans that we have seen include second bathrooms, sometimes with direct outdoor access.  I love this feature.  Having a door directly into the bathroom is  a great way to keep the mud and dirt from getting tracked through the camper.  Kudos to the designers for that idea.  One of the other great new features that we have seen are outdoor kitchens.   We like to cook outside whenever possible and having an outdoor kitchen means that you don’t have to drag everything outside when it is time to show off your camp cooking skills.  And I don’t know about you, but I think an outdoor kitchen would also make a perfect place to mix up some camping cocktails!

One advantage to owning a Fifth Wheel over a Class A, Class B or Class C is that your transportation isn’t attached to your living space.  There is nothing worse than having to break camp or tow an extra vehicle just to run to the store if you run short on supplies.  If you already own a truck capable of pulling a 5th wheel, then your initial investment is also lower than it would be for other first time RV shoppers.  Just be sure to do your homework.  Make sure that the Fiver you want to purchase can and should be towed by your tow vehicle.  Once you make your decision, it is also a good idea to do a test drive to determine whether or not you are comfortable towing the Fiver of your choice.  This will give you an idea of how your vehicle will handle while towing the trailer.  If it doesn’t feel right, keep looking.

Towing a Fifth Wheel requires that your truck be outfitted with a special coupler.  This coupler, known as the ‘Fifth Wheel’ is installed in the bed of the pickup truck.  This towing configuration makes the 5th wheel very stable as compared to towing a Travel Trailer.  Having the coupler in the truck bed also makes a Fifth Wheel easier to hitch up to the truck than hitching up a Travel Trailer.  This is because, unlike bumper hook-ups, the driver can see the pin meet the hitch with a Fifth Wheel.  Having the coupling in the truck bed does have a down side though – you will lose some storage in the truck bed.  I would say that this disadvantage is minor though, as alternate storage in a Fiver is plentiful.

Yes, if you need lots of storage, you will find it in a Fifth Wheel – both on the outside and on the inside.  Many Fivers have a huge pass-thru storage bay near the front of the camper.  This bay is perfect for bulky items like bikes, rugs and grills.  Inside storage isn’t in short supply either.  From closets to cabinets, you will find plenty of places to store your stuff in a Fiver.

Regardless of what you are looking for in an RV, chances are it can be found it in a Fiver.   So put do your research, find your favorite floor plan, and head off to the nearest RV dealership or RV show to take home your own fantastic Fiver!