Travel Trailers – The Terrific Towable

When it comes to travel trailers, the Happy Camper family is a household divided.  Although I love our truck camper, I am tempted by the extra space we could gain by pulling a travel trailer instead.  However, Bruce is anti-travel trailer, no ifs ands or buts!  He doesn’t feel comfortable pulling a large trailer and since he does all of the driving, he wins.  That doesn’t keep me from admiring them from afar though.

The earliest travel trailers were produced in the 1920’s and only contained the bare necessities that one needed to camp “off the ground”.  Since those days, the travel trailer has come a long way.  The travel trailers of today come in many shapes and sizes.  From the tiny T@b to the sleek Airstream to the biggest trailer, complete with fireplaces and slides, you can find just about anything you are looking for in this type of RV.  The variety in shapes and sizes also means that you should be able to find a trailer to match just about any tow vehicle.  Just be sure to do your homework to determine whether the trailer you want to purchase can and should be towed by your tow vehicle.  Once you make your decision, it is also a good idea to do a test drive to determine whether or not you are comfortable towing the trailer of your choice.  This will give you an idea of how your vehicle will handle while towing the trailer.  If it doesn’t feel right, keep looking.

Do you enjoy riding your motorcycle or ATV while you camp?  Then a Toyhauler is for you!  Toyhaulers are part living space and part garage.  A fold-out ramp provides access for your toys and on some models, the ramp can even be transformed into a porch.  How cool is that!  Most Toyhaulers have sofas or bunks that fold down from the walls, turning the garage into additional living space when your toys are outside.  The converted living space is a bit spartan for my taste, but it definitely serves its purpose well.  We have even seen a model where the garage transformed into a bar, complete with keg-o-rator when the toys were removed.  What a perfect place to mix up some camping cocktails!  Just remember that cocktails and toys don’t mix.  Wait until after you are done playing with your toys to come back and enjoy your cocktails.

Relatively new to the travel trailer breed is the Hybrid.  The Hybrid trailer combines the best features of both travel trailers and popup campers.  When the Hybrid is ready for camping, one or more bunks fold down from the end(s) of the trailer with canvas tent covers. When traveling, the bunks fold up into the trailer leaving four hard sides.  The popout ends provide extra space while adding relatively little weight.  We have also seen hard-sided popouts at RV shows.  To get an idea of what these are like, picture a half height slide out that houses a sleeping area.  When the slide is in, it covers the dinette.  Not a bad idea if you ask me.  The canvas sides on a conventional Hybrid aren’t very efficient when it comes to heating and cooling.  They also would provide an escape route for pets that like to chew if you were to leave them in the trailer unsupervised.  So if you have pets, and you need a bit more room, this type of Hybrid may be just what you are looking for.

Regardless of what you are looking for in an RV, chances are you will find it in a travel trailer.   So put together your list of must haves and head off to the nearest RV dealership or RV show to take home one of these terrific towables!

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  1. Love your insight. Dont forget about the hybrid toy hauler like we have (Rockwood Roo 183L) – its half hybrid trailer and half toy trailer – so we can haul all our toys and have our hybrid too!

    1. Would that be called a Hybrid-Toyhauler or a Toyhauler-Hybrid? 😉 The variety of layouts that are available for travel trailers never ceases to amaze me. There really is something for just about everyone in this type of RV.

  2. I’ve always admired the creativity of modern truck campers, and I am amazed how well they provide. With 3 kids and 2 dogs, however, we have to have more room. Our basic, no-slide bunkhouse trailer is nice, and I love camping in it. I have to keep reminding myself not to get into the trap of always looking at bigger and better.

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