Passion Fruit Mojitos

I think that premade drink mixes are just perfect for camping.  No need to bring all of the ingredients because it’s all in one bottle.  And it also couldn’t be easier… a little pouring, a little mixing and it’s time to relax and enjoy!  If you like mojitos and you like passion fruit, you’ll love this one! Continue reading “Passion Fruit Mojitos”

Top 10 Signs of a True Camper

Non-campers might not get it, but we most certainly do. We know that it takes something special to make a true camper!  Here is our slightly tongue in cheek look at what a true camper is made of.  How many of these can you relate to?  How many of them have you personally experienced?  If you find yourself nodding in agreement with then you might be a true camper.  If they bring back memories that make you smile then you most certainly are a true camper! Continue reading “Top 10 Signs of a True Camper”

Travel Trailers – The Terrific Towable

When it comes to travel trailers, the Happy Camper family is a household divided.  Although I love our truck camper, I am tempted by the extra space we could gain by pulling a travel trailer instead.  However, Bruce is anti-travel trailer, no ifs ands or buts!  He doesn’t feel comfortable pulling a large trailer and since he does all of the driving, he wins.  That doesn’t keep me from admiring them from afar though. Continue reading “Travel Trailers – The Terrific Towable”

Lynchburg Lemonade

Camping season is coming!!  It is so close that you could almost reach out and touch it.  While us northern folks are still dreaming about our first camping trip of the year, the camping season never ended down south.  If you are one of those lucky folks who find themselves in a warmer climate, relax under your awning and enjoy a Lynchburg Lemonade in honor of us! Continue reading “Lynchburg Lemonade”