Vodka Mods

Who says that mods should be limited to RV upgrades?  Flavored vodkas are all the rage lately.  Make your own citrus vodka for your vodka martini or try a pepper vodka for your bloody Mary.  Making an infused vodka is easy to do.  Give it a try and show off your vodka mods at the next grand gathering or rally. Continue reading “Vodka Mods”

Camping Beer-tini

We all know the stereotype of the typical camper.  It may not be true, but if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.  This drink is 99% redneck with just a touch of class.  It is also deliciously refreshing.  Be sure to serve it in a red solo cup, so that the non-campers aren’t confused by a bunch of campers hanging out at the campground with martini glasses in their hands. Continue reading “Camping Beer-tini”

Outdoor Camp Oven

OK…  fess up.  You’ve always wished you had an oven that you could take along when you are roughing it out in the wilderness.   I mean, just think of the culinary camping delights that you could create if you only had an oven!   Well, your wish just became a reality with the Outdoor Camp Oven from Camp Chef. Continue reading “Outdoor Camp Oven”