Reflections on a Great Camping Season

I glanced out my window last night and I caught sight of our camper in the driveway.  It had its cover on, the pipes had been flushed and winterized and it was ready for another long winter.  This time of year is always kind of sad for us, because Bruce and I really love to camp.  During the summer months, it seems like we are always on the go.  We camped just about every other weekend this year. Most of our trips were local and spontaneous.  We also decided to try something different this year.  Continue reading “Reflections on a Great Camping Season”

Cinnamon Toast

Here is another cider drink to enjoy around the campfire.   The cinnamon and sugar mixture on the rim add a touch of sweetness and the Captain Morgan will add a nice spiced ‘kick’.  A couple of these will definitely help to warm you up from the inside.  Continue reading “Cinnamon Toast”