Gilligan’s Island

Can you picture yourself sitting at the campground under your awning with this drink in your hand; soft music coming from the transistor radio as the professor stirs his coconuts to charge the batteries?  You may need more than one of these if your camping trip ends up being more than a three hour tour… Continue reading “Gilligan’s Island”

Pumpkin Festival

Are you planning a camping trip to the San Francisco area in mid October?  Maybe you are lucky enough to live in the area?  If either of these are the case, then you will want to make a stop at the Art & Pumpkin Festival in Half Moon Bay, CA.  Half Moon Bay has been hosting this event for 41 years and it isn’t just the pumpkins that they do up big! Continue reading “Pumpkin Festival”

Coleman Hot Water on Demand

Taking cold showers and washing dishes with cold water is a bone chilling experience unless you are camping in 90° weather.  The alternatives aren’t much better.  Heating water over a fire or on a stove takes time.  Time that you would rather spend relaxing and having fun.  One reason that we traded in our first RV was because it didn’t have a hot water heater.  If we had known about the Coleman Hot Water on Demand, we may not have traded it in!   Continue reading “Coleman Hot Water on Demand”