Casino Campgrounds

Are you looking for a campground where you can go for a quick weekend trip?  Bruce and I have recently discovered that casino campgrounds can provide an inexpensive and fun place to escape to when we want to get away on short notice.  Sometimes we don’t even pack any food because there are ample dining opportunities in the casino!

You may not immediately equate camping with casinos.  However, many casinos now provide well maintained, full service campgrounds, complete with paved sites and full hookups.  And they do so at half of the price of nearby campgrounds with similar amenities.  If I was a betting woman, I would bet that the low price may have something to do with them preferring you to part with your money in the casinos.  In fact, they make it quite easy for you to get to the casino.  Most casinos locate their campground within walking distance of the casino and offer shuttle service to pick you up at your campsite and drop you off at the door of the casino.  Even if you aren’t a gambler though, you can still enjoy everything that these casinos have to offer, and you can do so for a song.

Here are a few casino campgrounds that have caught our eye:

Casino Queen RV Park
The Casino Queen RV park is located in East St. Louis, IL and is just minutes from downtown St. Louis.  They are a full service RV park with cable and internet access.

Dakotah Meadows RV Park & Campground
Bruce and I have stayed at this campground.  It is located in Prior Lake, MN and is just minutes from the Valleyfair amusement park.  They are also a full service RV park with internet access and an RV wash.  The buffet at this casino is also awesome and they serve prime rib on the weekends!

Jackson Rancheria RV Park
The Jackson Rancheria RV Park is located in Jackson, CA.  They boast an impressive list of amenities for a casino campground, including cable, internet, a pool and spa as well as various recreational activities.

The Villages at Turning Stone RV Park
The Villages at Turning Stone RV Park is located in Verona, NY.  It is another campground with an impressive list of amenities.  If you aren’t a gambler, you will still find lots to do here!

So the next time that you want to get away in your RV and you aren’t sure where to go, give your nearby casino a try.

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  1. Casino’s are one of the most undiscovered camping resources out there. If I’m going from A-Z quickly, a little planning and several Casino overnights makes everything easier. Even if a Casino doesn’t have a camp ground, parking lots are open. Pre-call, locate in “well lighted area, with your unit’s door in good view; no reason to set yourself up”, check in with security and hit the buffet. Play a little or not; But, get a loyalty/club card and keep them in the camper. The cards are free and usual get a few free plays. Bad luck is when you pull in, a big name is playing or a large sport event (Pre-call, Preplan; unless you want to be there). Find an open area as much on the edge of the action as possible. Don’t block traffic flow, lawn chairs and don’t set up until the patrol comes by. They always stop; a cold drink for them and an offer of shade after you set up always gets the best seat in the house. Just before leaving the Casino tip the patrol for next time. Casino’s are about money, they want our business, to keep coming back.

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