Coleman Hot Water on Demand

Taking cold showers and washing dishes with cold water is a bone chilling experience unless you are camping in 90° weather.  The alternatives aren’t much better.  Heating water over a fire or on a stove takes time.  Time that you would rather spend relaxing and having fun.  One reason that we traded in our first RV was because it didn’t have a hot water heater.  If we had known about the Coleman Hot Water on Demand, we may not have traded it in!  

The Coleman Hot Water on Demand is a portable propane water heater that dispenses hot water (up to 160°) from its faucet in less than five seconds.  Adjust the temperature and use for washing dishes, or add the spray adapter accessory and a portable stand up shower and ta-da!!  No more cold showers when boon-docking or camping at primitive campgrounds.

The Coleman Hot Water on Demand is available from Coleman and has a suggested retail value of $249.99

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  1. It’s simple…we need coffee while camping – especially in the cold mornings. I’ve tried a bunch of different devices to make real brewed coffee (percolators, presses, I even designed and built one that ended up costing twice what this maker costs), but this is simply the best I’ve ever seen. It works just like your maker at home, but instead of plugging it in you put it on a camp stove. It’s perhaps a LITTLE slower than a plug-in maker. But it makes a perfect pot every time. One thing I did notice is that after 2 days of near-constant coffee-making, the bottom metal surface got pretty charred and even bubbled. I think I had my camp stove on too high and it began melting the metal a little (I probably figured that higher heat would mean faster coffee, but I don’t really think that is the case anyway). For how expensive camping gadgets usually are, I was blown away by how great this item was for the price. I would have expected to see this for at least twice what it cost. A must-have in my opinion.

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