Banana Bikes

If you have stayed at a KOA, you have probably seen them.  They are funny looking bikes with a yellow sling seat where you ride around like you are sitting in a reclining chair.  On our last camping trip, we had a chance to try them out and we had a BLAST!  It was the best $5 we spent all weekend. Continue reading “Banana Bikes”

CGear Multimat

Are you looking for a way to help keep the sand and dirt out of your RV or tent?  Then check out the CGear Multimat.  The CGear Multimat is ideal for outdoor living areas and it helps to provide a sand and dirt free area for camping sites.  Dry sand and dirt fall straight through the mat to the ground beneath, but they don’t come back up through the mat.

We have read some mixed reviews on this product, but most of the issues tend to be about getting wet sand or mud on the mat.  This is probably due to the particles sticking together and to the mat rather than falling through.  For dry sand or dirt, the product appears to work as advertised.  I would assume that once it dried out, it would fall right through.

The mats retail at $50 – $80 depending on size and are available online at REI and Sport Chalet.

Check Out These Websites!

Since we started this website, we have had the pleasure of forming relationships with some other online companies.  We think that what they have to offer is pretty cool!

American RV Company
If you need something for your RV, you can find it here!  From air conditioners to water heaters, electronic equipment to RV Furniture, they have it all at American RV Company.   Also be sure to check out their online newsletter, The American RV Company Gazette!

Spot Cool Stuff
Are you a gadget geek?  Do you feel the need to take high tech camping trips?  Then check out the tech section of Spot Cool Stuff.  You’ll find information on air mattresses to keep you comfortable, sunglasses that can take a beating and even a beach towel with speakers for hanging out at the campground pool!

RV Road Trips
Follow the adventures of  Michael and Michele as they travel across the  US in their RV on RV Road Trips

The S’more Store
At The S’more Store they want you to get S’morganized.  If you are a serious s’mores lover and you like to keep your stuff  organized, then the S’more Storage Container is for you!

Metropolis, IL

While planning the roadside stops for our upcoming road trip from Minnesota to Florida, I discovered that Metropolis, IL isn’t home to just one roadside attraction, it boasts three!  Of course, no town named Metropolis would be complete without a statue of Superman, that is a given.  But in addition to the 15-foot-tall, two-ton, bronze Superman, they also have a 6.5-foot-tall bronze Lois Lane and a 30 ft fiberglass Big John Grocery Clerk.  That’s a whole lot of statues for one small town!  Finding all of these statues so close together is a great find for attraction hounds like Bruce and I.  This will definitely be one of our stops on our way through Illinois at the end of the month.

The superman statue is located at 517 Market St and you can find Lois just three blocks north on the northeast corner of W. 8th and Market St.  The statue of Big John is located in a supermarket parking lot across town at 1200 E. 5th St.

If anyone has had the pleasure of seeing these attractions, we would love to know what we are in for!

Surge Protectors

In the past, you may have given some thought to getting a Surge Protector for your camper.  If you decided against it, I want to urge you to reconsider. 

Surge protectors will not only protect the expensive electronics in your camper, they can also save your life.  This weekend a friend of mine witnessed a camper fire that could have been prevented if a surge protector had been used. 

According to my friend, the campers owner said that, “He was inside watching TV when he lost power.  He said he went outside to check the breaker box and all of the breakers were tripped so he turned them back on. When he got back inside he saw smoke coming from the area where his fuse box was and he emptied the little extinguisher that you get with the camper with no success so he got out.”  It was determined that the local power company had a surge in its line to the campground.  The surge burnt up one of the two transformers that feed that section of the campground.  That surge is also what started the fire.  

With a price range of $70 – $300, a surge protector is not an inexpensive purchase, but compared to the possible loss of life, it is a small price to pay.  If you are wondering about the difference in price, it was explained to me as follows:  The less expensive ones will trip if there is a surge and the more expensive models also protect against drops in voltage.  Either one would have prevented the fire, but the more expensive units will also provide additional brown-out protection to your electronics and a/c units. 

We have considered buying a surge protector in the past, but we were reluctant because of the cost.  We will definitely be purchasing one before our next camping trip.

If you would like to read the first hand account of the fire, you can find it here: