Wind-up Cell Phone Charger

For many of us, it’s comforting to know that when we head out to a campground, we’ll have the means to make a phone call or use our cell phones in case of an emergency.  Of course there are also are those of us who just can’t survive if they aren’t connected to the rest of the world through their Android, Blackberry or iPhone.

As hard as you try to keep your phone alive, chances are you’ll run into a situation where you’ll need to use the phone but you can’t because the battery is dead and there is nowhere to charge it.

So what do you do when there isn’t a place to charge your phone?  For about twenty bucks, you can get a wind up cell phone charger.  Unless you are willing to crank for hours, you probably won’t be able to use your phone to surf the internet or play Angry Birds, but 1 minute of charging at 120 rpm will give you about 1-2 minutes of talk time.  That should be enough time to call for help or get directions.

You can find these chargers online at or ebay.  Most of them come with multiple adapters and work with most phones.

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