World’s Largest Buffalo

If you are looking for the world’s largest buffalo, you will find it in Jamestown, ND.  This sixty ton buffalo is 26 feet tall and 46 feet long.  You can’t tell from the perspective in this photo, but as two “vertically challenged” individuals, Bruce and I could comfortably walk underneath the buffalo.

When you stop in Jamestown to visit the world’s largest buffalo, you can also see the National Buffalo Museum, a live herd of buffalo, including an extremely rare albino buffalo named “White Cloud”,  and an old west town named “Frontier Village”.   Some of the sights at Frontier Village include a grocery store, wishing well, school house, church, barber shop, jail house, mine shaft, printing shop, post office, train depot, a Midland and a Northern Pacific caboose, log cabin, art salon, souvenir shop, and a fire department with three old fire trucks.

We passed through Jamestown on our way to Montana.  If you are heading down I94 in that neck of the woods, this roadside attraction is definitely worth a stop.