Freezer Apricot Brandy Slushie

This drink can be made ahead of time and stored in a cooler or in the freezer of your RV until happy hour.  It can also be served for breakfast with added orange juice.



2 cups apricot brandy (be generous)
12 ounces frozen concentrated orange juice
12 ounces frozen concentrated lemonade
2 cups brewed tea (strong)
7 cups boiling water
2 cups sugar

Dissolve the sugar in the boiling water.  Remove from heat and cool.

Combine the sugar syrup, apricot brandy, orange juice, lemonade, and tea in large bowl.

Pour the mixture into resealable gallon size freezer bags and allow to freeze.

When ready to serve use a ratio of 1:1 of slush and Sprite or 7Up.