Rock City

As you travel south on I24 in Southern Tennessee or north in northern Georgia, you can’t help but notice the signs telling you to “See Rock City”.  Opened in 1932, Rock City is located just six miles from Chattanooga, TN.  It  was a popular honeymoon destination in the 40’s and 50’s and was known at the time as the Niagara Falls of the Southwest. Continue reading “Rock City”

Wind-up Cell Phone Charger

For many of us, it’s comforting to know that when we head out to a campground, we’ll have the means to make a phone call or use our cell phones in case of an emergency.  Of course there are also are those of us who just can’t survive if they aren’t connected to the rest of the world through their Android, Blackberry or iPhone.

As hard as you try to keep your phone alive, chances are you’ll run into a situation where you’ll need to use the phone but you can’t because the battery is dead and there is nowhere to charge it. Continue reading “Wind-up Cell Phone Charger”

World’s Largest Buffalo

If you are looking for the world’s largest buffalo, you will find it in Jamestown, ND.  This sixty ton buffalo is 26 feet tall and 46 feet long.  You can’t tell from the perspective in this photo, but as two “vertically challenged” individuals, Bruce and I could comfortably walk underneath the buffalo.

When you stop in Jamestown to visit the world’s largest buffalo, you can also see Continue reading “World’s Largest Buffalo”


Is space is at a premium for you when you camp?  Then check out the bagalot.

The bagalot is a portable and flexible garbage bag holder.  Bungee it to a tree or hang it on a hook on your RV and use it to hold recycling, laundry, or just plain old trash!  When you are ready to go, just fold it up and stash it away.  Small but strong, the bagalot will help you keep your campsite clean! Continue reading “Bagalot”